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MJ Smith
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Welcome to the Expanding Root Art Garden Where Time is not Money, so spend your time HERE!

Michael J. Smith has exhibited extensively. His works can be seen at the Expanding Root Gallery in Oakland, Maine as well as numerious Art Fairs, Festivals and other Galleries.  Past exhibitions have included the Sweet Gallery Portland Museum of Art, Fay’s One Gallery Castine Maine, the Arcady Music Festival in Blue Hill and Haystack Mountain School of Craft, as well as numerous Art Festivals.  He was awarded a Carina Fellowship by the Farnsworth Museum in Rockport, Maine in 1999. Other awards include Best of Show at the 2006 Intown Artfest in Waterville, Maine, Best of Show, 2000 Maine Open Juried Art Show, Waterville, Maine and Best of Show at the Old Port Equinox Show in Portland,Maine in 1998.

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